Da Ashters


XD, Hola. While Ashyy°’s editing a head, I thought I’d post a pic of our Guild. Okay, now I won’t be doing that much GFX, Imma leave it to Ashy. I only can edit if I’m at my Grandma’s who’s installed GIMP, so if you get an edit from me, I’ll say it’s pretty rare. On this site, my contribution will be journalism, ill be writing about Graal updates and new exciting things happening on Graal. XD Not a great contribution but my names on the site, I have to do something, haha. We are both still learning GFX, and I’ve just learnt how to index bodies. We will be improving by the end of this month, i’m sure. I’ll be posting pictures of graal reguarly and i’ll definately have some info on the GST, Bye for now ^.^

~ Ashton


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