OMG… I found this.

OMG... I found this.


Okay, I made this head for myself ages ago but never had it uploaded. The eyes blink so lame, and retarded, I know but I was VERY new to GFX back then, haha! So it blinks bad. I found this on my computer and was shocked. Ill find some other edits a did from last year. And post any good ones! XD, I swear I don’t make heads blink that anymore :0, haha. Uhmm, don’t have to upload it, it is crap. If I get enough PMs, comments or likes about this head, I’ll edit the blinking and make recolours. XD, Keep your PMs rolling in, and a recoloured head with better blinking will be coming soon.

~ Ashton (Please PM about this head, I have nothing to do! XD ^.^)


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