Feel so Honoured.

I just noticed we have 250 views! And I feel like we are heading off to a great start. I thought I could post more guys, but it seems I am doing the exact opposite. I can post, but I can’t seem to get any heads done, so back to the old plan of, only editing while at my grandmas. 😦 Ashyy° has been extremely busy, with swimming, training and study and she has a lot on her plate, so we have been trying to get through the requests but we seem to have our minds elsewhere. Luckily, schools not starting till the end of the month, so we will have so much in store for you before than! Lucy and Sophie have just put us in their GFX friends page, and I feel so honoured because we both love their work and we love them. They are amazing people and we love you both <;3, and i bet half of our views today are because of them. So even though this week we will have no new GFX, don't get your hopes down, because I just promise, there's so much more to come. I may even find a hidden head edited from a long time ago… (That's actually worth while putting on the site, XD) Thanks Graalians and Happy… farming? ^.^

~ Ashton


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