The Graal Journal

Okay, so I was looking around for templates. I found one. I’m editing it to Graalian standards and I’m happy to say The Graal Journal will be first published in a fortnight to a month. I know that a while but we need time to get stories. Find reporters and get some ads.

For this first edition we will be asking for ads, since this time we may be a little rushed we are asking for Graalians to make their own ads for GFX sites and/or guilds because we are trying to get stories and interviews done and we just want to get through it without panicking about making ads. We also think that you’d be better at your own adds anyway. We ask you to have ads in banner form. Since its easier to have it that way.

I’m really excited about this and I hope you are too. If you “think” you will make an ad for our newspaper leave a comment below or PM me Ashton (Ashters), please also PM me if you are going to write a story or gossip article and what it will be about. This newspaper is a trial run so if you have a really amazing story than we will definitely pick you to be our reporter for future articles. Remember if you aren’t chosen as a reporter it doesn’t mean you can’t write for us. Send us in an article or two and we might choose you if we think they are good.

• PM me if you think you will write a story. What will it be.
• Comment Below OR PM me if you are going to create an ad for the newspaper.
• If I get your PM or Comment I will give you my email (via PM) so you can send me your stories.

For this issue we would like:
• A story on the GST
An interview from the GST Teams
• A segment about any tower taking guilds close to a milestone and guilds overall.
• A story (this will be once every issue) on a GFX site you know and love and think that has potential
• A Fashion Story (both male and female) including pictures of bodies and heads that go together. Which GFX site is getting more popular with its GFX etc.
• And we won’t have one in this issue since we are only starting. But we will have a reporter of the month who will have a whole article on them who we think deserves to be crowned the Graalian’s Favourite Journalist. So make sure you keep up your terrific writing.

If you see a point that is crossed out than it has already been taken. Remember these stories are just ones we want, they aren’t restrictions so If you have your own gossip scoop or story than dont be afraid to send it to me. I will be posting the Journal email later today but remember if you do get hold of that email, no spam and no requests. It is a work email only. Thank you so much, and make sure if you are commenting below post your Graal name and what guild you would like to have next to your name in the later issues and the current one.

Thank you. Let’s get this rolling.


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