1k hours!!

Ashton has reached 1k hours!! I haven’t really noticed because i was trying to work on the heads. But now that he has told me,. 

Ashton, you said you would quit on 1k hours but you’re still here! And we are all glad that you are :). So ashton, 1k hours wasted in your life 😉 Nah joke. You have gained so many friends in 1k hours and lots of memories along with it. During those hours you saw some people leave, and some people come back. You are now going to try and go for admin, and I hope those extra hours can mean alot to you. I am glad we are siblings. I hope we will never seperate <3. Lets see if we can stay as sibling for another 1k hours of yours :))




Im still stuck on 504 ._.


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