About me. -Ashyy

Ok when i read Ashton’s post it told a bit about him, so hey! Why don’t i tell about myself too? Haha and btw Ashton, i never knew you were into rugby o:. 

Ok I am a swimmer. I am an ADVANCED swimmer ok? The minimum trainings I have to do is 5 days a week. I am a state representative, soon to move up in the state squad. I also do taekwondo, although, i tend to not do much taekwondo because of swimming :/. Anyway I play piano, soon to learn how to play a guitar. I am asian (Bet you didn’t see that comin’). I have tutoring on saturdays, and that equals ALOT OF HOMEWORK!! Ok so yeah I’m pretty busy as well 😛 haha but at times, i try and sneak on and browse, and sometimes go on it before training. For me, life is hard at school. I feel hated, bullied, people think I find myself so cool, but look who’s mouth that’s comin from. Popular people. That’s why my only hope in friends are in swimming. There is this one guy that goes to my swimming as well as school, we don’t get along very much cos he’s popular at school, and I’m not. My graal boyfriend is Killah, Slowly we are tearing apart. I think he quit. 😦 I am single in real life but I have a crush :3 ahahaha ok i think I’m done here. I won’t tell you my real name kay 😉 I know Ashton in real life, we went to the same primary together, but now we are in highschool. He went to an all guys school I went to, well a mix :P. Ok Ashton, when you have time, tell the people about yourselves! Oh and btw, you know Prens? Yeah she said she might buy the brown hair head you made, you know the ones with the curls on the side? yup congratz!!



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