.. Hey guys, please read below, very important.

I have been checking the stats and many people have been trying to view the male heads. I do not have any ideas what to do for the male heads, cos, I’m a girl. I am not a tomboy. I am just a tinsy bit of a girly girl. Im not like OH MY GOSH THOSE SHOES ARE CUTE! I hate shoes. OK ANYWAY! I need ideas for guy heads. Do not be shy to request! Request for a guy head on the requests page if you’re looking for one! Because I will only make guy heads from requests.
There are also no bodies at the moment. Because, I don’t know what to do for those either! All the other bodies are so cute already on other sites! I don’t know what to do to make a new kind of body or something! Please if you have any ideas, just simply request as well! :3

Thank you for your time, ~Ashyy


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