I’m sorry, like ashy said, I just when back to school today. (Ill show you a pick of my ugly uniform soon) XD. She’s going back tomorrow cos she is just lucky and I will be so busy. In 5 weeks I have the opening night of a musical I’m in, so that’s been hectic. I’m playing Rugby Union, losing my afternoons than I have debating comps (I’m actually versing ashy’s school next week, haha) and that’s been so stressful. So I’ve lost my whole Friday. Than Thursday I have Saxophone lessons and tutoring. And than I have actual school and homework. So my life is going to be busy for another 5weeks and than it will die down (at least a bit). So wish me luck, haha. Sorry to bore you with my stupid life but what I’m saying is ill be posting less. And if I do. I will be rare and it will probably be short. Sorry guys, I wish I could be less busy too. >~<


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