About Meh.

As Ashyy stated, we both started High School in January. I went to an All-Boys Catholic College while Ashyy went to a Catholic Co-ed. In Primary (Elementary) I was not sporty at all. I was so girly, oh geez. It haunts me, haha. If your British or Australian, you would know what a selective school is. Well I got into one, one of the most most academically respected schools. I also got a scholarship at a Grammar school, so I had to make a really huge choice at the end of the school year last year. And I picked a private school which was known for its sport. Yeah, what was going through my mind. But signed up for rugby Union, and it is surprisingly fun. Even the tackling is thrilling. So I was never used to that and I learnt. I also did all my usual things. I joined a Junior Musical production , debating, public speaking, you know that stuff, which I still have fun with. My real name is Max, and as ashyy said we both went to Primary together. I was in the popular group, she was in her girl group and we weren’t friends, I admit it. But I became friends with her friends through work and the top classes and those shy, creepy girls were really outgoing and funny. So I became friends with Ashyy. Naturally, she told me about Graal, I checked it out, bought a customization and felt so cool I had to keep playing. Haha. I had a crush on a girl in real life for about 4 years too, then I got over her. It wasn’t love, it was just friendship and I know that now, haha. XD. I play a few musical instruments, the Saxophone, piano, yeah etc. I just got into liking art, and found out that I was really good at it. I play Rugby Union. Am completely obsessed about everything Harry Potter, and I love to sing. I may not be good but its really fun for me (ashyy probably will force me into making a YouTube channel soon). I am really smart, I’m in all the top classes, out of the 260 in my grade. I have fun with a lot of things. Though onto graal.

Graal became an amazing escape for me, not that I really had anything to escape from. I first joined I’m 2011 where I was that noon who thought he was cool for having customization. Me and ashyy were in a guild together (with her twin… who is now known as Lace Kitty) called Highschool Swag. Then when she kicked me cos everyone left because I was a noob, haha, nice going ashyy. i joined Soul of Ninjas, this is back when they had snow and GFox was still around and active. I became Perm and was kicked… by Kate. XD, we are friends now, she’s amazing guys. Anyway, I quit for about a month, came back and joined NaL who had MoD, which was DW at that time. I became friends with all of them, and spent all my time there. Ashyy and I weren’t in game friends then, we still were at school so it was quite rare that we talked in game. I ended up quitting at about 400 for about 3 weeks. Then ashyy had started GFX by then. I had no idea what that was, I naturally thought that people with Cooler heads bought them from secret places for people with money. I saw Graal Depot and started recolouring, and of course found other sites, Latte was my first contender though. But before I became half good at that stuff I had rejoined SoN, made friends, reached about 700 hours. This was about August/September. Them I met the sweetest girl named Lucy, who I had no idea made GFX, we became so close and she recruited me to her guild and she was the sweetest. Then we talked about Graphics and she told me she had a site, I looked and she was so amazingly talented. I requested a head and I was the reason she started making boys heads, yeah I know I rule. So we were really close. But still around this time I was in SoN, Kate remembered me, said sorry, haha. I met 4 lovely girls then too. Taylor Ninjari. Blue. Lolli, and iFrost. I had a crush on iFrost from then. Then Taylor and Lolli had a fight, Lolli got sick (not from the fight though) and got kicked from Perm. She was devestated that she quit SoN which caused so much drama i tell you. Then Ninjari and Lollipop were made. Amd rebellion against SoN started in October. Im sure many of you remember this. I rejoined SoN in about November, where i asked iFrost out. She had a cruah on ,e too, but she felt like it was cheating because she just got a boyfriend in real life. I completely understood but was still heart broken. We were still friends. In december i finally saved up enou to get Lucy’s head. I got it and that day i got a request to join Psychadelia or whatever. Minai’s guild at the time. Ashyy and i were really close then we had a guild named Dimensionz, but i wont get into that. So ashyy was in that guild and i was so happy to be apart of the KFC family. I had been in so many families before thwn however. But i was still very happy. One morning i woke up and i was kicked. There was no Psychadelia, Minai had left, and people were kicked. It was shocking. Minai had staed the Element guild. Of course i joined that instead of the KFC family.  Thats where i met Yurieru, Voodoo, and Saith. The greatest friends i could have. Though in no time i reached 900 hrs and felt guilty. I said good bye to everyone and quit on January 4th 2013. I had made my own family, i had made friends, i had made memories. Things i would never forget. I only came back because of Yurieru, even if he doesnt know it. On March 3rd, 2 days after my birthday i reappeared. But was on and off. By then SoN was just nothing to me, barely anyone remembered me, Ashyy was gone and most of my friends had also quit. On March 29th i came back for good. I started towering again, desinging. iGuilding. Doing it all. I only found out that Voodoo and Yuri were admins last week. Haha, when i reached 998 i signed up for GP. I am so excited for the results and for all these memories, for all these people i have come back and stayed within the graal community.





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