Elsters Cave?

Okay, so I was about to attack Sardon Tower when I came across a cave to the left of it. I walked in and this weird Santa clause kind of Pedo was walking around collecting stuff which if you look carefully some aren’t even from this level. Anyway, I was searching and I found a sign and listened to what he said, and tried to make out all of it. But I think that it has something to do with him in hiding for doing something wrong. I’m probably really late on this whole conspiracy but I’m wondering if its a quest. A complicated one at that. I was really thinking and maybe he murdered Sardon, went into hiding and started collecting. He talks about trinkets and owns a lot of gold so you think he would live better…. Unless as I said, he was in hiding. He keeps mentioning a waterfall and how he knows why it stops. So I’m confused with that, and then why is there a hole in his house? Do we find something to go down it? And there’s broken keys and keys in good condition around his “cave,” does this have anything to do with MoD treasure? With that drunk guy talking about the key. Only last week I found out how to get in there “so obvious” but anyway. It’s so interesting.

I bet I’m over thinking this XD.


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