Btw, Ashton, if you can’t be bothered to recolor heads and all that, and the person requested it, then you should pass the head to me before actually putting it on the site 😛 you remember my email dont you? Please dont swear on the site. Even if you blocked it with stars, you’re still swearing. I edited the head you made for you.

Edit: it wasn’t a swear, you interpreted that way. It was meant to be poop, but I didn’t want to sound weird so I just did asterisks (they aren’t stars) and I’VE DONE TWO REQUESTS TODAY SO JUST SHHHHH!!!
And I don’t use too many :0 it’s just that I can’t change singular MS for each layer and also you now made it slow :000

Ashyy- Ashton. I am not insulting you for goodness sake. Im just saying that if you have things you don’t want to do, then give it to me and i can do it for you. I am not saying to stop requests. And just say poop. No one cares ok? And you did do alot of layers :P. Im just trying to help, i made this site so we can work as a team. Not to prove on who can do more requests. Ok?


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