OMG.. So I logged on graal on my mac, last night, on skyriderplay. I haven’t been on for ages.. And then when i logged on, IT WASN’T MY CHARACTER!! It was a guy and i don’t even know him!!! I don’t even know his language!! I panicked and tried to log out but it kept lagging!! Apparently the guy was on it as well! So it kept closing on me, and all I wanted to do is log out and go on my account! Finally I was able to log out, and go onto my account. It was already late so I had a little time with Killah. So i closed my mac for the night. This was about 11:00pm. Next morning, I got up, cooked my breakfast and now it is 9:00am. I decided to go back on graal, then I was logged onto the same account that wasn’t mine!! I was panicking again. People knew I wasn’t the person. I wasn’t hacking! I don’t even know how this happened! But I quickly searched up my own account and saw that it was online 3 hours ago! Meaning, someone else is also controlling my account. I am in danger….
I’ll take a rest from graal…

-Ashyy 😦


4 thoughts on “Ohh My Fudge Bars.. READ BELOW! READ NOW!! NOW NOW!

  1. Ill see who it is ash cause i always check your account to see who it is but i believe theres a hacker when ur on i be trying to talk to u and no reply ill find out who it is trust me please,come back~killah

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