Bye, I Quit :c

This is too much, if I know this is ashy then I would stay but I don’t, she would never show her hours or use that head or make such a dumb status! It’s not her!!! Maybe it is and I don’t know my own twin but either way I just can’t cope. I just found out she was in an introductory video for Bowswift (awesome guy check out his YouTube) but I never knew she was a fan or that her personality was so like what she did in the video. She might’ve been on two days ago but I’m so confused, I never get to talk to those who I really want to talk to. Ill be on but I won’t answer your PMs or take requests I don’t know what’s happening but it’s freaking me out. Bye, you all were great and keep doing awesome things Graalians!!

~ Ashton


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