Cute Glasses Boy

Cute Glasses Boy

I’m back, Ashyy’s account has been hacked as most of you have seen or know. So she won’t be around anytime soon. But this site will always be Ashyy and Ashton! XD, So I came back to Graal after 60 days as of yesterday, and it’s so great to see things have changed and people are stil around. And that I’m remembered ❤ So thank you. I'm sure we all know of which IS my favourite GFX site out there, and I am so glad to hear that Leah is working alongside Sophie. Because Leah is extremely talented and I've always admired her work, it's so incredibly awesome for her to be on my favourite site of all so remember to keep posting your positive comments over there because they deserve it!

This head is an edit of an edit by Nico – and he's a talented dude! So credit this to him and I, and I hope I see some of you out there using this head. GIRLS – Ashyy was the girly one! (She would hate me saying that!) But I still won't stop making girl heads (and bodies!) and I'll continue requests. I can't make GIFs for the next month, as my laptops having 'issues.' But GIFs will be up and running as well as indexed bodies! I'm still looking for a 'Partner in Crime' so if you are interested in working alongside me on Ash GFX then PM on graal, and I'll pass you on the information!

Love you all and glad to be back,
Ashton (Lucy) ❤


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