Thanks to everyone who welcomed me back to GraalOnline Classic again. It’s really great to be remembered. So thank you. Also, we missed 10k milestone but I still want to thank everyone that got us here to 12.1k, maybe it isn’t the 100k+ other sites are on but we still wouldn’t have made it anywhere close to here without you. Currently taking requests, so talk to me on Graal via PM or go to the home page to request a head or body. Ill try my best to do it and still note I won’t be doing GIF heads for another week, because GIMP is playing up on me.

Thanks again and have fun at school ;)(finally I’m not the only one suffering. The assignments are endless).

– Ashton (SON3)

P.S. I got a haircut yesterday and my head looks like a bold guinea pig – nuh it’s not that bag, but I don’t have a fringe anymore. I have empathy towards you Kait, I feel your pain. It’s okay me. I still love you <33


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