Damn School

So I had a georgaphy assignment due last week (about Polar Bears), and I haven’t started yet. I have to present it tomorrow and from now I have less than 12 hours until school starts and I have to have it finished. So tomorrow (after I finish my other assignment :P) I will go on and (try) to make a few bodies and maybe a head! My friends found out about this the other week and think I have no life, but that’s okay because it’s true! Anyway, off to do my polar bear assignment, and if you have any awesome-tastic information on PBs than HELP MEH! By posting down dere —vv THANK YOU, also I haven’t got any requests lately, so if you have some send ’em in! I’m still working out some bugs on my laptop but I should have all the kinks sorted out to start making GIFs on Wednesday or Friday!!!


Signing out (wow thats cool way to stop talking – I should use that more often….) – Ashton  :3




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