Gotta love my life, Gotta hate that drama- Ashyy

Okay so I decided to make blogs about me in real life as well. These are only for the people who are interested. As I told you, I almost quit graal when I got hacked, I didn’t really care actually. My life is busy. I have state swimming. I am a breaststroker and I am also good at running long distance- cross country. I am asian which means I have strict parents when it comes to my grades. Ashton is actually smarter than me and he’s not even asian. Ahaha I’m so racist to myself anyway.. Well there are so many fights going on, with 2 of my swimming mates. (I’m gonna just use the closest name to theirs as possible just in case I get caught) Holly, she acts as if she is the queen of everyone, and everything! She is the leader of the friends group. Holly and Ying yang (pfft really? Best coded name eva) Okay lets change that to Yasmine. They were having a fight. Almost everyone sided with Holly. I didn’t side with anyone, so now they’re having a war on putting me on what side. 

Aside from that, I am close to having a relationship in real life 🙂 I am happy. I’m not sure what we are right now, we are definitely not friends, nor enemies, nor together. We are closer than friends, yet not together. Do you know what I mean? Well anyway he is very kind and is a great swimmer. He shows off sometimes but when he does it alot, which makes me jealous and saaad.. He comforts me. Which is pleasing. I realised there was a whole life out there, when i dated online with Killah, I just didn’t have this strong feeling. -Sorry killah if you’re seeing this. But I realised how good it feels when it in real life.. This is why I quit online dating.


Lastly, I would just like to say, I love all you guys who view our site and actually get interested to buy our heads! It makes me really happy, especially when I see you around in graal. Most of the time I send a message saying ‘OMG YAY!!’ But aha I’m a noob. Cos I’m starting over now. Anyway thanks for your time 🙂

Goodnight~ Ashyy


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