Love the heads Ashyy, okay so I made a graaloween head for myself but it turned out crap so I completely scrapped it.

Oh and Ashyy, I don’t know if you’ve never seen my real surname but I am Asian. 😛 Haha, but its true I am so obviously smarter than you. I got rated overall in the top 30 of my grade out of 240. Nah, I’ll stop showing off.

HaHa guys, told you I’d bring Ashyy back.

But I think I know who Ashyy’s crush is. *cough*Kyle*cough* But yeah, I guess I have a  relationship with someone IRL but you know not together but that isn’t something to talk about here. I recently broke my tablet so… Since I did most of my GFX on that since my laptop kinda also broke and my iTouch is missing…. You see, I can’t sustain a relationship with  electronics.

Now I shall shut up, and now I don’t know what I just wrote about…

Leaving you alone,


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