Apology Time!

I made some graphics… But they are on my grandmas computer! Whoops, and I won’t be making any graaloween graphics, I don’t know about Ashyy’s school but I have to go to a girls school (score!) to practise for a carols in the chapel which is in Sydney because I’m doing the opening solo (yay?). Annnddd… end of year exams are coming up and I have a truck load of revision to do if I want to get into honour classes next year.

You get the idea. So I’m bussyy, and I won’t get to do any graphics and you heard this tons of time and we don’t deserve your love :c because we never post! :0

On that note, I just saw this awesome GFX site and they gave us quite a few views and there site front is adorable and there edits rule! So go visit their website and if I haven’t already I’m adding them to our GFX friends. So sorry again, and thank you for your love <333



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