Thanks <3 and Fashion Week

I got so many PMs today about the CC body and the side plait head. As well as some girls asking me to continue with the Alice in Wonderland look. I’ve finished the head but the body may take awhile.

Special thanks to Leader i_bunny for pming me some really sweet things, and Riley also <3. Thanks guys and I will post the Alice in wonderland look next Saturday and hopefully some things through the week. Wish me luck with my French test on Wednesday and that's all from me.

On a completely different note, starting next week, I will be adding a new page to our website, which we will weekly post in about the boy look and the girl look of the week. If you are a graphics artist and want me to see some of your stuff then don’t forget to PM me in game. If I do want your graphics, ill PM you guys asking for permission to post it! (Of course I will give credit).


– Ashton C.

P.S Don’t forget to spam Ashyy about posting that head she previewed. Love Ya’ll.


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