Sorry for the delay on the Alice in Wonderland head and body. I am finding it really hard to get the time to edit the body and even though I have finished my yearly’s, my dumb teachers are giving us assignments. (Got my marks back for my yearly’s though, went okay). Okay, offtopic, anyway. I will have the body finished by Friday, Australian Eastern Standard Time, or Thursday everywhere else. So yay!


Singing is going good guys, and I am so happy Lucy is back. Because I love her and I’m sure we all do, and it’s nice to be better acquainted to her too. Ashy is doing her exams now and we are having less and less ideas! So if you have an idea for a body or a head or a collection, PM me and hopefully Ashy or I, or both of us can get on it. 2 more weeks of school until the year ends! (thank God). So… that means that for those 2 months over Christmas where we are on holidays, we can do more and more GFX.


Thanks for the support, shoutout to dinagraalgfx.wordpress.com and her cute work. Love you all,

Ashton C. c:



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