HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE (Lucy)(And a little bit Nico)

Happy Birthday! Came on just to wish you the best! You girls are too talented for your own good!


I thought it was important to make a new post the 4th of July because today is Sophie’s birthday! So happy birthday to my lovely Sophie! I couldnt have done that website without you, I still remember two years ago when we first met and when we decided to make a website. A lot of person wanted me to make one but I was always saying “No I’m only making personal heads for friends”.. Maybe because hosting a website alone is much more difficult, I accepted to make one with you. This is the start of our friendship I’ll never forget. I know we’re not talking a lot those times, I’m quite busy and I’m not playing that often because after all, Graal is really becoming boring >~< But we’ve done our goal, arent we? 1million views..and we thought it was impossible at the beginning. Anyway everyone who’ve read this…

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