Thank Golden Panda / Admin Journals

The person with the stupid name that I’m thanking is, in fact, my twin brother in real life. Now, he may be an idiot but thank him for bringing me back to Graal. I have stopped graphics for the website, but I will on the odd occasion take requests. Thanks to everyone who has welcomed me back with open arms and finally I went on a PK rampage and have gotten 400 kills in the past 12 hours. But that’s not what I’m here for, I am about to update my Admin Journal and tell you more about the life behind Ashton.


Ashyy and I aren’t that close anymore for starters. We occasionally chat but only via group chat and we rarely do that anyway. Her name is RoyaIs on an online game called ourWorld though, which if you visit and message her on, she would probably reply and be thrilled that you know her (she’s self centered like that xD). I came back on the 4th July 2014 at 1421 hours and I plan to stay around for awhile. 


School Life
Wanna know about how school has been? I’m now in my second year of high school. This year I was nominated as grade captain (so school captain but for my grade of 240) and I won, so that’s the first piece of good news. I was in another musical this year, the production of Miss Saigon, which was tonnes of fun to do, and next month I’m auditioning for another production outside of school (how exciting?) and I’m hoping to get in. I’ve gotten better at singing and one of my best friends got onto the Australian Voice Kids and I am so happy for him, (spoiler: he doesn’t get through). My presence at school has become somewhat overwhelming. I was in 6 extra curricular activities  and that’s just what was in school! 

I’m going well at English and I’m topping my grade, but I’m ranked 61st in Maths, which means I’m just 1 spot out of the top 60 (honour classes). I have to choose my electives before August and I can only choose two, and I’m stuck between four choices: Food Technology, French, Music and Drama. I’d honestly like to do all of them. I’ve definitely made more friends and am discovering new things about myself along the way. 

Online Presence
So, in January I was promoted on a forum and I became a moderator, this is a Pottermore fan forum and so it’s Harry  Potter related, because I’m the biggest nerd ever. I’m so happy because that forum is thriving and it’s so fun to be apart of planning future events. Especially being apart of that forum for since January 2012 without quitting. 

I’m sure you all want to know about ourWorld. If you haven’t googled it already it’s another online based website. Ashyy and I have been on it in the past and I have come back to it. The community  isn’t as welcoming as Graal is but it isn’t as harsh either. When you get the jist of it, I leveled up incredibly fast and started selling and trading items in the member only Marketplace (member is like Graal’s VIP), and I started upgrading myself and my items as well as meeting new friends, I met an amazing girl called Amanda who I’ve become really close to, us being the same age and having the same interests, and I miss her after quitting only a month ago. I got sick of the community and I realised the only thing I was doing on there was trying to look cooler. So I think Ashyy is still playing that though. 

I came back onto Graal yesterday, after losing my head to a hacker awhile ago, I sold all my furniture and used the head that I made awhile ago, deleting the post because it’s mine, it’s all mine! But I’ve already talked to tonnes of my old friends, reached 5k PK and played tonnes of secret horse races that for some reason the admins won’t announce. (So stick around in York Town, I swear they do it every hour and noobs always win the 500 gralat prizes!) If you were on for the hidden chests that Zinnia hosted you’d have seen that I found the last chest (I found over 1000 gralats from numerous chests I found during that hunt). So alots happened in under 24 hours and since joining I’ve joined like 10 different tower taking guilds and helped them for awhile (all under an hour but it still counts, right?). 

I miss Yurieru, Mina and Kaitlin so hopefully they talk to me or come back on in the next few days and if you’ve read all of this, I thank you, what I find funny though, is that my online presence is huge compared to my school life section considering that the information in there is probably more interesting than anything else. But I don’t want to sound like I’m boasting either so maybe it’s a good length.


That’s all from me,
Max K (Ashton C)



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