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Just about us, and how we are going. That is all 🙂

About Meh. -Ashton
As Ashyy stated, we both started High School in January. I went to an All-Boys Catholic College while Ashyy went to a Catholic Co-ed. In Primary (Elementary) I was not sporty at all. I was so girly, oh geez. It haunts me, haha. If your British or Australian, you would know what a selective school is. Well I got into one, one of the most most academically respected schools. I also got a scholarship at a Grammar school, so I had to make a really huge choice at the end of the school year last year. And I picked a private school which was known for its sport. Yeah, what was going through my mind. But signed up for rugby Union, and it is surprisingly fun. Even the tackling is thrilling. So I was never used to that and I learnt. I also did all my usual things. I joined a Junior Musical production , debating, public speaking, you know that stuff, which I still have fun with. My real name is Max, and as ashyy said we both went to Primary together. I was in the popular group, she was in her girl group and we weren’t friends, I admit it. But I became friends with her friends through work and the top classes and those shy, creepy girls were really outgoing and funny. So I became friends with Ashyy. Naturally, she told me about Graal, I checked it out, bought a customization and felt so cool I had to keep playing. Haha. I had a crush on a girl in real life for about 4 years too, then I got over her. It wasn’t love, it was just friendship and I know that now, haha. XD. I play a few musical instruments, the Saxophone, piano, yeah etc. I just got into liking art, and found out that I was really good at it. I play Rugby Union. Am completely obsessed about everything Harry Potter, and I love to sing. I may not be good but its really fun for me (ashyy probably will force me into making a YouTube channel soon). I am really smart, I’m in all the top classes, out of the 260 in my grade. I have fun with a lot of things. Though onto graal.
Graal became an amazing escape for me, not that I really had anything to escape from. I first joined I’m 2011 where I was that noon who thought he was cool for having customization. Me and ashyy were in a guild together (with her twin… who is now known as Lace Kitty) called Highschool Swag. Then when she kicked me cos everyone left because I was a noob, haha, nice going ashyy. i joined Soul of Ninjas, this is back when they had snow and GFox was still around and active. I became Perm and was kicked… by Kate. XD, we are friends now, she’s amazing guys. Anyway, I quit for about a month, came back and joined NaL who had MoD, which was DW at that time. I became friends with all of them, and spent all my time there. Ashyy and I weren’t in game friends then, we still were at school so it was quite rare that we talked in game. I ended up quitting at about 400 for about 3 weeks. Then ashyy had started GFX by then. I had no idea what that was, I naturally thought that people with Cooler heads bought them from secret places for people with money. I saw Graal Depot and started recolouring, and of course found other sites, Latte was my first contender though. But before I became half good at that stuff I had rejoined SoN, made friends, reached about 700 hours. This was about August/September. Them I met the sweetest girl named Lucy, who I had no idea made GFX, we became so close and she recruited me to her guild and she was the sweetest. Then we talked about Graphics and she told me she had a site, I looked and she was so amazingly talented. I requested a head and I was the reason she started making boys heads, yeah I know I rule. So we were really close. But still around this time I was in SoN, Kate remembered me, said sorry, haha. I met 4 lovely girls then too. Taylor Ninjari. Blue. Lolli, and iFrost. I had a crush on iFrost from then. Then Taylor and Lolli had a fight, Lolli got sick (not from the fight though) and got kicked from Perm. She was devestated that she quit SoN which caused so much drama i tell you. Then Ninjari and Lollipop were made. Amd rebellion against SoN started in October. Im sure many of you remember this. I rejoined SoN in about November, where i asked iFrost out. She had a cruah on ,e too, but she felt like it was cheating because she just got a boyfriend in real life. I completely understood but was still heart broken. We were still friends. In december i finally saved up enou to get Lucy’s head. I got it and that day i got a request to join Psychadelia or whatever. Minai’s guild at the time. Ashyy and i were really close then we had a guild named Dimensionz, but i wont get into that. So ashyy was in that guild and i was so happy to be apart of the KFC family. I had been in so many families before thwn however. But i was still very happy. One morning i woke up and i was kicked. There was no Psychadelia, Minai had left, and people were kicked. It was shocking. Minai had staed the Element guild. Of course i joined that instead of the KFC family. Thats where i met Yurieru, Voodoo, and Saith. The greatest friends i could have. Though in no time i reached 900 hrs and felt guilty. I said good bye to everyone and quit on January 4th 2013. I had made my own family, i had made friends, i had made memories. Things i would never forget. I only came back because of Yurieru, even if he doesnt know it. On March 3rd, 2 days after my birthday i reappeared. But was on and off. By then SoN was just nothing to me, barely anyone remembered me, Ashyy was gone and most of my friends had also quit. On March 29th i came back for good. I started towering again, desinging. iGuilding. Doing it all. I only found out that Voodoo and Yuri were admins last week. Haha, when i reached 998 i signed up for GP. I am so excited for the results and for all these memories, for all these people i have come back and stayed within the graal community.


Thanks Golden Panda / Admin Journals

The person with the stupid name that I’m thanking is, in fact, my twin brother in real life. Now, he may be an idiot but thank him for bringing me back to Graal. I have stopped graphics for the website, but I will on the odd occasion take requests. Thanks to everyone who has welcomed me back with open arms and finally I went on a PK rampage and have gotten 400 kills in the past 12 hours. But that’s not what I’m here for, I am about to update my Admin Journal and tell you more about the life behind Ashton.


Ashyy and I aren’t that close anymore for starters. We occasionally chat but only via group chat and we rarely do that anyway. Her name is RoyaIs on an online game called ourWorld though, which if you visit and message her on, she would probably reply and be thrilled that you know her (she’s self centered like that xD). I came back on the 4th July 2014 at 1421 hours and I plan to stay around for awhile. 


School Life
Wanna know about how school has been? I’m now in my second year of high school. This year I was nominated as grade captain (so school captain but for my grade of 240) and I won, so that’s the first piece of good news. I was in another musical this year, the production of Miss Saigon, which was tonnes of fun to do, and next month I’m auditioning for another production outside of school (how exciting?) and I’m hoping to get in. I’ve gotten better at singing and one of my best friends got onto the Australian Voice Kids and I am so happy for him, (spoiler: he doesn’t get through). My presence at school has become somewhat overwhelming. I was in 6 extra curricular activities  and that’s just what was in school! 

I’m going well at English and I’m topping my grade, but I’m ranked 61st in Maths, which means I’m just 1 spot out of the top 60 (honour classes). I have to choose my electives before August and I can only choose two, and I’m stuck between four choices: Food Technology, French, Music and Drama. I’d honestly like to do all of them. I’ve definitely made more friends and am discovering new things about myself along the way. 

Online Presence
So, in January I was promoted on a forum and I became a moderator, this is a Pottermore fan forum and so it’s Harry  Potter related, because I’m the biggest nerd ever. I’m so happy because that forum is thriving and it’s so fun to be apart of planning future events. Especially being apart of that forum for since January 2012 without quitting. 

I’m sure you all want to know about ourWorld. If you haven’t googled it already it’s another online based website. Ashyy and I have been on it in the past and I have come back to it. The community  isn’t as welcoming as Graal is but it isn’t as harsh either. When you get the jist of it, I leveled up incredibly fast and started selling and trading items in the member only Marketplace (member is like Graal’s VIP), and I started upgrading myself and my items as well as meeting new friends, I met an amazing girl called Amanda who I’ve become really close to, us being the same age and having the same interests, and I miss her after quitting only a month ago. I got sick of the community and I realised the only thing I was doing on there was trying to look cooler. So I think Ashyy is still playing that though. 

I came back onto Graal yesterday, after losing my head to a hacker awhile ago, I sold all my furniture and used the head that I made awhile ago, deleting the post because it’s mine, it’s all mine! But I’ve already talked to tonnes of my old friends, reached 5k PK and played tonnes of secret horse races that for some reason the admins won’t announce. (So stick around in York Town, I swear they do it every hour and noobs always win the 500 gralat prizes!) If you were on for the hidden chests that Zinnia hosted you’d have seen that I found the last chest (I found over 1000 gralats from numerous chests I found during that hunt). So alots happened in under 24 hours and since joining I’ve joined like 10 different tower taking guilds and helped them for awhile (all under an hour but it still counts, right?). 

I miss Yurieru, Mina and Kaitlin so hopefully they talk to me or come back on in the next few days and if you’ve read all of this, I thank you, what I find funny though, is that my online presence is huge compared to my school life section considering that the information in there is probably more interesting than anything else. But I don’t want to sound like I’m boasting either so maybe it’s a good length.


That’s all from me,
Max K (Ashton C)


Gotta love my life, Gotta hate that drama- Ashyy
Okay so I decided to make blogs about me in real life as well. These are only for the people who are interested. As I told you, I almost quit graal when I got hacked, I didn’t really care actually. My life is busy. I have state swimming. I am a breaststroker and I am also good at running long distance- cross country. I am asian which means I have strict parents when it comes to my grades. Ashton is actually smarter than me and he’s not even asian. Ahaha I’m so racist to myself anyway.. Well there are so many fights going on, with 2 of my swimming mates. (I’m gonna just use the closest name to theirs as possible just in case I get caught) Holly, she acts as if she is the queen of everyone, and everything! She is the leader of the friends group. Holly and Ying yang (pfft really? Best coded name eva) Okay lets change that to Yasmine. They were having a fight. Almost everyone sided with Holly. I didn’t side with anyone, so now they’re having a war on putting me on what side.
Aside from that, I am close to having a relationship in real life I am happy. I’m not sure what we are right now, we are definitely not friends, nor enemies, nor together. We are closer than friends, yet not together. Do you know what I mean? Well anyway he is very kind and is a great swimmer. He shows off sometimes but when he does it alot, which makes me jealous and saaad.. He comforts me. Which is pleasing. I realised there was a whole life out there, when i dated online with Killah, I just didn’t have this strong feeling. -Sorry killah if you’re seeing this. But I realised how good it feels when it in real life.. This is why I quit online dating.

Lastly, I would just like to say, I love all you guys who view our site and actually get interested to buy our heads! It makes me really happy, especially when I see you around in graal. Most of the time I send a message saying ‘OMG YAY!!’ But aha I’m a noob. Cos I’m starting over now. Anyway thanks for your time
Goodnight~ Ashyy


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  1. 0.0 we should meet 1 day on graal classic if u still play 😃😍😃 ~King Astro(OTF Only The Family) ❤ ur stories keep writing n Yuri is my friend :0 n still a admin believe on the side with Xor n them

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