Heads (Female)

Again, thanks for visiting out site! We mostly make female heads. Probably because we like doing gifs for females! Anyway let me know if there is a problem on upload some of our heads!

My headEdited head(Redvelvett) -Ashyysmilee!Ashyy-headrequest-chloe

Lucy Head EditBear Ear Headslittlebearcookielittlebearcookie2littlebearcookie1bliningredheadterriblerequestsorryrequestededitcutielittleeditorcutielittleeditcutielittleeditdbcutielittleeditrecutielittleeditblcutielittleeditpirandomtaperandombrunetterandompinkpinkcottonhairHAYZIMBACKSPECIAL


32 thoughts on “Heads (Female)

  1. Ahem.I heard my friend(Minswift) said Ashton said that she sucks at gfx and I really hate to see her upset…but I know how she feels so um..>.<"I really had to do something but I love your gfx ill try uploading one soon :3

    • I didn’t say that her GFX sucked. I said that I loved what she did with Ashley and Tay. But since I don’t know their site very well and I didn’t realise she was also apart of it I didn’t include her in my post about the GFX sites. Not because she sucked but because other sites have lead up to our view stats and I had never really heard of her site before (no offence). I didn’t mean that her GFX sucked by it though. >~< Tell her I'm sorry if she thought that's what I meant. And Thanks so much. It means a lot when someone uploads one of our head ^~^ Thank You.

      ~ Ashton

  2. gosh girly girl,those heads are so pretty! you ashyy, are just amazing. and yes, your hearing this from a boy! well, girly girl, you’ve got some talent.

  3. hi um the head named requested edit head.gif doesn’t work when uploading due to frame limit on graal era… please try and fix this because this is the only head i have found that i absolutely LOVE. thanks!

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