GFX Friends

Hiya, I know we just started but I want to link you to people I know on Graal and have sites. ^.^

We won’t let some damn rumors stop us from loving Lucy, Sophie & Leah‘s amazing GFX site. If you haven’t heard of them then visit them now, GO GO GO!

We love Abby & Nerdy‘s GFX, these guys are so nice and they have an amazing talent.

Visit Derpy Kitten because its such an amazing website, and probably one of our favourites.

Now you must go see Lucky Star‘s cute GFX site. This girl we owe for getting us a number of views so you should check her out

This girl is the bomb! We love her site to bits and she’s really nice. So visit Leah‘s GFX site for awesome heads!

Other Cool Websites:

Gfx Friends
C: Add us on your website and we’ll add you back!
If you have a site, and you'll like to exchange links than comment below and I'll put a link to your site, remember you should visit these sites. These are some of the best GFX websites I know. So go on… VISIT THEM AND SPAM THEM WITH LOVE! ❤


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