Uploading and Rules

Hello, Ashyy° and myself will be uploading for those who can’t here. Just post the link to the head and your email, it doesn’t have to be a head from the site though.

But to upload on your own all you have to do is click-> http://loginclassic1.graalonline.com:8080/submit.html We understand that many of you “do” know how to upload but are unable to access a computer.

Thank You, and don’t forget that we are here to help ^.^

1.) If it is a major edit or an original than we will put our name as a signature on the back of the head, please don’t edit this off, it means we worked hard and want a bit of credit for our work.

2.) Please don’t comment anything negative, we are beginners. We don’t expect delightful comments that compliment us in everyway, but we don’t expect comments that will put us down and make us feel horrible. We do appreciate people telling us how to improve.


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